Project Manager

Merging the IT solutions from several banks following a multi-bank merger.

IT Architect

Introduction of a fully integrated front-end workbench with the integration of front- to back banking processes using workflow technology

Sponsor / Program Coordinator

Introduction of a single project methodology in a Swiss bank.

Sponsor / Program Coordinator

Optimization of systems engineering and software development processes to reach CMMI Maturity Level II.
Introduction of guidelines and policies for the Requirement Management (preparation for an outsourcing project with India).


Consolidation of 6 data centers and subsequent outsourcing to a service provider

Project Manager

Consolidation and integration of IT infrastructure and IT organizations of several banks during merger and migration of data.

Project Manager

Responsibility for migration and pooling of IT infrastructure and applications such as:

  • Archiving
  • Hold mail
  • Trading Systems
  • eBanking
  • MDS (Markt Data Systems)

Program provided the base for the merger of 3 private banks (about 450 employees), including new IT organization for the new bank.
Completed on an extremely tight schedule of 7 months.

Project Manager

Outsourcing of operational technology and construction of SLAs and service catalogs.
Definition of the interface between the newly created bank and the outsourcer, and appropriate adjustments to the processes and the organization.
Maintenance of the service quality and customer satisfaction at a lower cost.

Project Manager / Management Consultant / Change Management

Changing conventional trading for electronic trading.
Management of the technical integration to the electronic stock exchange systems. Adapting the business processes and training of the traders.

Project Manager

Introduction of a single, state-of-the-art project methodology.
Improve project management and project controlling.
Optimal control of the project portfolio, aligned with the corporate strategy.

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