Best Wishes from Panoff Consulting

The year has flown by at incredible speed. Many hardworking days and high-impact weeks, ups and downs, some virtual meeting marathons, but also some personal encounters lie behind us all.

At Panoff Consulting, we look back with a smile on an exciting year, fondly remembering a great team event with our Swiss colleagues, successfully implemented projects with our clients, and are delighted to welcome new members to our team.

As the old year bows gently to farewell and allows room for its successor, who is waiting restlessly and full of energy at the gate, we take a conscious moment of the most precious good that unites us all. We take a moment to look back, pause and take a breath. This holiday season, we remember the importance of living together in harmony, with purpose and appreciation, and remind ourselves to be considerate of those around us as well as ourselves.

With this in mind, we sincerely wish you a wonderful holiday season surrounded by your loved ones, a merry and blessed Christmas, and a happy New Year.

Your Panoff Consulting Automotive Team

Tobias Bald, Julian Boguschewski, Mark Schreiner, Lambert Görsdorf, Sofia Willhauk, Kristin Hertwig, Berend Hoitink

Heike Spengler

Arbachstrasse 2d
6340 Inwil / Baar

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