The Digital Transformation at Biketec (FLYER E-Bikes)

Biketec AG develops, manufactures, and markets FLYER E-Bikes. FLYER is a long-established Swiss brand that has grown into a global player in recent years and now sells more than 50,000 E-Bikes annually.

Over the last few years, digitalization and globalization have certainly arrived in this industry too. New competitors increasingly emerge at home and abroad, using direct sales models that create a good deal of competition for the established players.

Panoff Consulting has been able to accompany and support Biketec on their journey into the digital age. Over a period of several years, Panoff Consulting developed an implementation plan based on the digital strategy, defined the required performance specification, and conducted an invitation to tender. This process focused primarily on the following criteria:

Organizational Feasibility

The time and resources required to execute changes to company-internal processes as well as the skills of the employees that are necessary for a successful outcome are, unfortunately, consistently underestimated. The employees are very familiar with the established processes and also very efficient in executing them. It takes quite a bit of time until the organization arrives at the same level of expertise with the new processes, and not all employees and senior executives will be able to go along with the required changes.

For the development of the Biketec roadmap, Panoff Consulting took these circumstances into account and coordinated in advance with the senior management of the company.

Technical Solution and Implementation Partner

Since the engagement and cooperation are anticipated to last for a number of years, not only the technical solutions but also the implementation partner have to be a good fit for the company (in terms of corporate culture and size). It is therefore important to define the intended architecture at an early stage in this process.

Panoff Consulting has been careful to ensure that the architecture was chosen in a way that would allow-in an efficient manner and without too many interfaces-continued development in the coming years. This approach helps to make sure that the operating costs of Biketec will continue to remain within the expected limits.

Financial Feasibility

The difficulty for long-established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is to continue to be profitable with the existing model and to invest in innovations at the same time. This requires the correct balance between maintaining a high-level pace and a careful approach to not overburden the company financially.

The solution for Biketec was the inclusion of existing business partners in the development of the digital strategy to provide a mutually beneficial result.

The extensive experience of Panoff Consulting in the areas of strategy implementation and evaluation allowed us to find solutions for the aforementioned challenges. The methodical competence is hereby just as important as the understanding of the situation in which the company finds itself as well as their realistic options for action. Since the specialists at Panoff Consulting all held various C-level executive positions themselves in the past, they are well versed in technical capabilities and therefore able to bring the required expertise to the table.

Panoff Consulting made the evaluation process more professional and allowed us to complete it more quickly.

Ivica Durdevic

CTO/CMO | Biketec AG

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