Competence Development in the Field of Service Automation

Since 1 December, Jim Devos has been supporting the Service Automation business unit.

Jim Devos

Jim has worked in various industries and positions after graduating with a degree in computer science.

He was able to build up in-depth knowledge in project management, processes, operational business, support and strategy, especially in the areas of system catering, hotels and IT service providers.

Jim will contribute his knowledge of process optimisation and process automation for the areas of IT service management, HR and customer service to our solutions. Especially in the current very difficult times, it is important that the processes of a company can be handled as digitally and efficiently as possible.

In addition to the core processes, the support processes of the disciplines IT, HR, FICO, Facility Management, Risk & Security, etc. must also be kept in mind, as there is a great potential for cost savings in this area. In addition to the costs that can be saved, efficiently mapped processes also have a great influence on employee satisfaction. For example, do you ensure that new employees have the complete working environment at their disposal from the first minute they arrive?

The strengthened Service Automation team of Panoff Consulting is looking forward to new challenges and great projects.

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