Customer Event 2017: Strategy and crisis

What happens if things don’t run smoothly and success fails to materialise? How can people and organisations be led out of the crisis and back to success?

Ottmar Hitzfeld talked about his personal experiences as a footballer and international success trainer during a panel discussion.

  • how he dealt with crisis situations and
  • how he has repeatedly succeeded in leading people and teams out of the crisis to success and glory
  • how it has been able to identify emerging crises and avert them at an early stage

Afterwards, as usual, Ralph Panoff built the bridge between crisis management in sports and successful crisis management in the company.

Afterwards, in beautiful weather and surroundings, the guests discussed what they had heard and engaged with one another.


  • Ottmar Hitzfeld (former football player and football coach)
  • Ralph Panoff, CEO Panoff Consulting GmbH

Thursday, 8 June 2017 at the Seminarhotel Bocken in Horgen on Lake Zurich

Ralph Panoff


Arbachstrasse 2d
6340 Inwil / Baar