Happy summer holidays from Panoff Consulting

Last week we met for our annual “Summer Event”. We used this event to spend more time together as a team after many months in the home office. Our Summer Event took place in Amsterdam, where we wanted to evaluate the first half of the year and define further measures for the second half. In the following impulse, we would like to give you an insight into our event.

Julian Boguschewski

Arbachstrasse 2d
6340 Inwil / Baar

After our virtual Christmas celebration, we started the new year with a focus on team development. We embarked on a “Purpose Journey” together and tried to find out what we exist for and what makes every one of us tick. Simon Sinek, creator of the „Golden-Circle-Method“ asks a very simple question that everyone should answer: “What makes you get up every morning?” We combined our results and found similarities and shared values. By applying Simon Sinek’s method and asking ourselves what our common purpose is, we have come closer together as a team and have been able to identify our target customers and desired activities more accurately.

In addition to team development, we have also been accompanied by the need to grow as a business unit and bring new automotive retail expertise into the team. Today, we are happy to report that we will be welcoming a new colleague as of September 1, continuing our growth trajectory for the second half of the year. 

We were strongly involved in the development of a global after-sales strategy for an Italian sports car manufacturer during the first quarter of 2021. Not only in sales but also in after-sales, the topics of digitalization, customer centricity, and customer experience are the core elements. We developed and implemented a vision combined with a roadmap to guarantee a future viable after-sales business model. In addition to the challenge of building a personal connection with our client, even though the collaboration could only take place remotely, our virtual workshop formats were also able to deliver their added value. Despite the circumstances, the result of our collaboration was not only a very satisfied client but also the establishment of new personal relationships.

A variety of projects for digitalization at the point of sale were developed and implemented. Success stories where we have been able to apply our knowledge and methods integrally. At the same time, however, we have also had to contend with challenges, so that various projects have been delayed or not have been started at all. We have learned that remote work and the lack of personal contact also have their limitations and that building relationships and communicating one’s expertise can also be challenging.

Because of our “Summer Event,” we started the summer with fresh energy. The days we spent together in Amsterdam were not exclusively dedicated to evaluation and planning, but at least as much to team building, sports, and socializing. We look forward positively and excitedly to what awaits us in 2021!

We will be continuously available during the summer season and wish you a wonderful summer and vacation season. We hope to welcome you soon (again)!