Automotive Retail

The automotive retail industry is facing a paradigm shift:

On the one hand, customer habits and expectations are changing, Internet shopping, flexible mobility and connected car are just three keywords that describe this. On the other hand, competition is intensifying as new players are entering the market, some with innovative concepts (car-sharing, e-mobility, leasing, etc.). The distribution of vehicles must be reconsidered, in the interests of the customer and the future of any business model.

Panoff Consulting has developed a blueprint for the worldwide standardization and harmonization of sales processes and systems for a leading German car manufacturer.

Proposed decision

Customer service processes should be harmonized worldwide. The focus was on digitalizing the sale of vehicles, mobility solutions and financial services. The aim was to reduce complexity and provide a complete view of the customer’s needs and purchasing behavior. Analogue and digital sales channels were to be synchronized.

Technical solution and implementation partner

Panoff Consulting defined the requirements for processes and systems according to the strategy adopted, played a decisive role in the project for 3 years and ensured its implementation by controlling the requirements management, quality assurance, implementation and roll-out.

Measurable success

The digital sales workplace was successfully piloted and rolled out in Germany. Further markets are planned. An extension of the concept for the integrated digitalization of sales processes to other Group brands.

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