Gastronomy & Retail

The catering industry and especially community catering (company restaurants) are facing enormous challenges, not only because of the current corona situation.

Major changes in consumer eating habits, “convenience” for the customer in every situation, wellness and health, price sensitivity, growing competition from small, agile catering concepts in a business that traditionally has to operate with very low margins, demand quick yet sustainable answers to these questions:

  • How do I contribute to the health and wellbeing of my guests?
  • How do I create an experience and service that keeps customers with me?
  • How do I reduce the risk of a singular dependence on my core business?
  • Which operating model is suitable for my business?
  • How can I successfully manage this operating model?
  • How do I ensure lasting results?

Through our really deep insights and experience in this industry, Panoff Consulting has a truly unique know-how that you can access. Whether restructuring, cost analyses, continuation forecasts, analysis and review of the existing core business or complete reorientation and implementation of changes in strategy. In this industry we have indeed achieved something unique together with our customers:

  • Restructuring of the business model of a large community catering company, which contributed to a massive increase in the EBIT margin
  • Company analysis and continuation forecast of a major restaurant chain
  • Strategy development and performance improvement program at a community catering company. Which led to a return to profitability
  • Introduction of a KPI system to monitor purchasing performance and compliance (control of procurement and logistics costs)
  • Implementation of various process and system improvements in catering supply companies

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