If an industry is about to experience a radical change, then we believe it is the healthcare sector with all its service providers, legislators, insurance companies, the medtech industry and digital service providers.

Compared to other industries which were faced with a massive wave of restructuring and reconfiguration of their business models years and decades ago, the healthcare sector is still facing this step.

Due to the financing model of the service providers, the administrative hurdles in handling the provision of services, the complex legislation which leads to partial paralysis of an efficient working method, technological development and technological progress and the simultaneously massively increasing cost pressure on all market participants, the health care system will have to reform itself.

Through vertical and horizontal integration of service providers and market participants throughout the entire life cycle of a person – whether healthy or sick – new networks will emerge which will allow an uninterrupted, integrated view and satisfaction of people’s health needs and can thus contribute to a permanent reduction in health costs thanks to prevention, diagnostics and appropriate therapies while at the same time positively influencing people’s quality of life.

Panoff Consulting knows the challenges and can help healthcare providers to prepare their organization, processes and systems for the interconnectivity of the future, to define and implement the necessary transformation steps in the organization as well as to achieve efficiency gains in administrative processing.

In the process, we can draw on our comprehensive experience in a large group of clinics as well as experience in small outpatient providers, where we successfully processed and implemented:

  • Comprehensive projects for organisational, process and system harmonisation
  • Process and system requirements for a quick setup of a start-up