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“Automotive Retail in 2030: Changing customer demand and advancing strategy, a threat or opportunity for automotive dealers.”


Panoff Consulting and CarQall proudly present their latest collaboration: the groundbreaking report “Automotive Retail in 2030: Changing customer demand and advancing strategy, a threat or opportunity for automotive dealers.”

In this era of rapid transformation, the automotive industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As customer preferences and expectations continue to evolve, it’s crucial for automotive dealers to stay ahead of the curve and seize every opportunity that arises.

Are you, as manager digital or CIO, ready to unlock valuable insights that will shape the future of automotive retail? Look no further! We invite you to dive into the thought-provoking pages of our report, where we analyze the industry’s shifting landscape and provide you with a digital agenda that will define success in 2030 and beyond.

Focus of our study

The automotive industry is undergoing a significant transformation that will accelerate in the
coming years and beyond. Manufacturers, or OEMs, are changing their offering portfolio with
new products and services such as electric vehicles, features on demand, in-car offerings, and
mobility solutions. Simultaneously the OEMs are changing, investigating their business model
strategy and relationship with dealers. OEMs aim to increase direct communication with the
end customer or user to improve the end-2-end experience. The territory that historically has
consistently been the domain of the dealer. Our study describes how dealers can become fit for the future.

About Panoff Consulting

We bring people into motion with joy to create spaces for sustainable
change. That is why we exist. Panoff Consulting is a Swiss boutique
consultancy focusing on people, results, and the automotive industry.
We are founded by former automotive senior management and
retail industry experts. Panoff Consulting can build on deep industry
expertise at the cross-section between automotive retail strategy,
processes, and digital technology. Knowing the complex landscape
between OEMs, NSCs, and dealers, we aim to bring people together
through intensive collaboration and common goals.
Our team is passionate about the automotive retail industry and
continuously developing. Are you interested in how you can shape
your future in automotive retail? We are looking forward to getting in

About CarQall

CarQall was founded by Hielke Ytsma and Ruben Heerdink,
combining their years of automotive industry experience with
extensive data and platform knowledge. This unique blend of
expertise has led to the creation of the automotive industry’s first
digital voice assistant, designed to bring dealers closer to their
customers and enhance customer interactions.
The digital voice assistant offered by CarQall efficiently registers
every incoming call, accurately directs callers to the appropriate
department, and promptly addresses their requests. Acting as
a fully scalable employee, the digital voice assistant seamlessly
integrates with existing IT systems in any dealership, ensuring a
smooth and hassle-free experience.

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