Digital Transformation at Biketec (FLYER E-Bikes)

Panoff Consulting has accompanied and supported Biketec on its way into the digital age. Based on the digital strategy, Panoff Consulting developed an implementation plan over several years, recorded this in a specification sheet and carried out a tender. In the process, particular attention was paid to the following criteria:

Organizational feasibility

Unfortunately, the time and effort required for the internal changes to the processes and the skills needed by the employees for this are repeatedly underestimated. Employees know the established processes very well and are also very efficient at them. Until the organization is back at the same point with the new processes, it takes time and not all employees and managers will be able to go along with the change.

These circumstances were taken into account by Panoff Consulting in Biketec’s roadmap and agreed upon in advance with the management.

Technical solution and implementation partner

Both the technical solution and the implementation partner must fit the company (culture and size) – after all, one is committing oneself to a multi-year collaboration. It is important that the architecture is defined at an early stage.

Panoff Consulting made sure that the architecture was chosen in such a way that it could be further developed efficiently and without many interfaces over the coming years. In this way, it could be ensured that the operating costs for Biketec would remain within limits in the future.

Financial feasibility

The difficulty for long-established SMEs is to still make money with the existing model while investing in the new. Here, the right balance has to be found to keep the pace high but not burden the company too much financially.In Biketec’s case, the solution was to involve the existing business partners in the development of the digital strategy and develop a joint solution.

Thanks to Panoff Consulting’s extensive experience in strategy implementation and evaluations, it was possible to find solutions to the aforementioned challenges. The methodical competence is as important as the understanding of the situation a company is in and its realistic options for action. The employees of Panoff Consulting have all been in different management positions on C-Level, know the technical possibilities and therefore bring this know-how with them.

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