Improved results through consistent implementation of identified end-to-end process optimization measures

MAREDO – that is passion for the best steaks, first-class cuisine and enjoyable togetherness.

For more than 40 years, Maredo Restaurants Holding GmbH with its MAREDO brand has stood for first-class steaks from South America and premium meat quality. In the more than 40 steakhouses with about 1500 employees, steaks from Argentina and Uruguay are among the specialties.

In the fierce competition for guests in their restaurants and in a market with low margins and at the same time high financial expectations of the investor, Maredo Restaurants Holding GmbH was looking for a partner to help them realize significant improvements in results through consistent analysis of the economic performance and implementation of the identified necessary measures in order to shape the future with long-term and sustainable success.

With Panoff Consulting, Maredo Restaurants Holding GmbH has found the right partner, who brings exactly this ability pragmatically but systematically enough. Through extensive experience in the business of Maredo and own experience, what consistent implementation of result improvement measures means, Panoff Consulting has qualified for this.

With a pragmatic but systematic performance analysis of processes, organization and cost blocks, which focused precisely on the topics relevant in this industry, a detailed list of realizable result potentials could be created within 2 months as a basis for implementation in the company.

Process, organization and cost optimization

The measures identified in the areas below contribute to a significant improvement in results:

  • Optimization of the central organization: reduction of personnel in the head office for work that does not add significant value to the restaurants
  • Focusing resources and funds on restaurant operations with future potential (abandonment of low/non-performers)
  • Seeking purchasing cooperation to reduce the cost of purchasing goods in the core assortments
  • Insourcing of cleaning services (by own already existing staff)
  • Optimization of the operation performance of the defined “development operations
  • Reduction of vehicle fleet costs (restriction of vehicle authorizations, reduction of vehicle costs and leasing costs)


The concrete measures defined by Panoff Consulting staff allowed Maredo to embed the results of the analysis directly into further development measures and schedule them for implementation.

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