Site assessment and development of an IT roadmap

Viger was looking for a partner to conduct an external assessment of the performance of its internal IT. The aim was to investigate whether the value contribution of IT to the business success of the various business units could be increased.

Panoff Consulting was chosen because of its extensive expertise in technical IT topics and its “hands-on” experience in successfully building and developing IT organizations in various IT leadership roles and in operations.

In a pragmatic but systematic analysis phase, on the one hand the needs of the different business areas were collected and evaluated via detailed interviews. On the other hand, Panoff Consulting examined the IT processes, the architecture used and the resulting necessary adjustments to increase the value contribution to Vigier’s business success.

The 7 point plan

Based on the analysis, Panoff Consulting, in cooperation with Viger, developed a 7-point plan over 3 years, which contributes to the following improvements in results:

  • Improved business alignment of IT: By consistently aligning IT services with business requirements, the focus of IT on the business has been significantly increased.
  • Optimized use of resources (people and money): The use of IT resources is specifically coordinated and planned between business and IT. This ensures that those projects are implemented that have the highest overall benefit.
  • Increased performance and stability of the IT environment: The degree of automation and standardization of the IT infrastructure and tools was significantly increased.
  • At the same time, the internal IT processes were adapted in such a way that the risks of failure were minimized.


The realistic and concrete 7-point plan allowed Vigier to work on the necessary measures in a very short time and to quickly realize the first improvements. The employees of Panoff Consulting have worked situationally and on the concrete needs of Vigier in the implementation and were always available to Viger with their experience.

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