Leadership Coaching as a Service

There are management qualities and there are leadership qualities-every executive possesses both, and there is no right or wrong balance. But there are also qualities that complement each other-their combination allows the discovery of innovative and promising solutions.

But how can these particular qualities be developed? The prerequisites and criteria for strong leadership in the modern world that contribute to the achievement of corporate and personal goals based on the available resources (talents, motivations, intelligence, values) will be examined.

The generative forces, in the sense of «POWER to Lead», are the logical mind, the intelligence of intuition and the driving force. It will be methodically developed how these forces can be activated-for oneself and for others, as part of one’s own ethics and in accordance with the vital business success. At the intersection of science and wisdom, every person with responsibilities for other people should feel invited to expand the breadth of his capabilities on the basis of the maximum level of individual responsibility.

The methodology follows the concept of systemic coaching: The entrepreneurial or personal desire for change and development will be established in its systemic dependency from the environs. As a result, binding and realistic goals are defined as the starting point for the transformation. Measures depending on supporting and impeding resources are stipulated based on individual responsibility and complied with based on a binding approach.