Restructuring and Performance Improvements

Not any later than when revenues fall below expenses the alarm bells ring.

We help you to take control of a situation like this and ensure that you can achieve sustainable improvements in your business operation and that your core business is not weakened by short-term and/or potentially ill-considered cost-cutting exercises.

We are interested in a sustainable solution, that is, no measures purely targeted at cost savings that will only work in the short term, but a long-term improvement of your results.

We do not just deliver concepts, but implement them side-by-side with you.

Possible Deployment Scenarios

Corporate Restructuring

Development and implementation of comprehensive total concepts to increase the business and organizational performance in addition to definition and implementation of comprehensive appropriate restructuring measures

Efficiency improvements and streamlining of processes and organization

Analysis of the processes and elimination of non-value-adding activities

Support of the implementation of measures within the organization

Restructuring of Individual Disciplines

For example, conducting analyses and implementation of measures to increase productivity of sales, after-sales and administration/shared service center (like IT, FICO or HR)