Temporary Management

You are missing just one important management function, or it is not worth hiring a full-time specialist?
We complement your team!

The consultants at Panoff specialize in filling the important C-level executive positions (CEO / CIO / CFO) of a company-temporarily but also over an extended period of time.

We do not offer “body leasing” but assume true operational responsibilities and agree on concrete goals to be achieved. Our fee is based on the level of goal achievement.

Possible Deployment Scenarios

Part-time Deployment

For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) it is not always worth it to permanently hire a full-time specialized manager. Most of the time, someone fills a specialist job as a subsidiary function. But this approach leads to a lack of time and know-how and does not allow the person to devote himself fully to the topic at hand.

Deployment over a Specific Time Period

The sudden loss of a manager (due to illness, accidents, quick termination, etc.) can lead to a void in this position. The successor may not yet be available or must even still be recruited.

Coaching / Consulting

Especially in management functions, the view from the outside is often missing or there are few persons in a position of trust available or able to discuss challenges. Young executives often lack experience or the objective expertise is missing.

Restructuring / Reorganizations

There are situations when tough decisions have to be made (for example, restructurings, downsizing, reorganization of the company, etc.). It might be advisable for permanent executive staff to therefore enlist the support of managers that have experience with this type of situation, and such assistance may also prove useful for the enforcement of difficult decisions.