Few business areas are currently experiencing more change: omnipresent megatrends such as Industry 4.0, urbanisation, connectivity or ecology have an immense impact on the future of the automotive trade.

The focus on mobility instead of ownership, direct business of OEMs to the customer, changed technological conditions (e.g. battery-powered and networked vehicles), the entry of new competitors such as UBER, declining brand loyalty, or service-oriented business models such as Mobility as a Service threaten the formerly secure position of the own car as the number one means of transport.

The automotive retail industry has always been, and will continue to be, faced with the task of operating as a central point of contact with its customers and fulfilling this role in the best possible way. Panoff Consulting can support you in this respect with a unique blend of knowledge of the industry across all value chains and all areas of activity:


  • Safeguarding liquidity
  • Ensuring continuous operation


  • Utilising cost and efficiency potentials
  • Improve earnings

Strategy Development

  • Strategic reorientation
  • Development of business models

Digital Transformation

  • Integration of online and offline sales channels
  • Implementation of sales and service processes in user-oriented applications


  • Importer: Digitalisation of the system landscape and realignment of the business model of approx. 400 retailers
  • OEM: Introduction of a new sales platform for the entire German retail market
  • Several car dealerships: restructuring of business operations, executive coaching (managing director & owner) and further development of business models
  • OEM-Bank: Strategic consulting for the development of new business potential in the large-scale customer and fleet segment