Automotive Retail in 2030

Changing customer demand and advancing OEM strategy, a threat or opportunity for automotive dealers

Our latest study, co-authored with the Dutch startup CarQall, unveils the roadmap for retailers leading up to 2030. This comprehensive report highlights contemporary trends in retail and advocates a vital shift in both mindset and digital strategies necessary for retailers to sustain profitability and relevance in the years ahead. Our roadmap delineates a clear agenda, accompanied by actionable steps. Register now to access and explore our in-depth study!

About Panoff Consulting

We bring people into motion with joy to create spaces for sustainable change. That is why we exist. Panoff Consulting is a Swiss boutique consultancy focusing on people, results, and the automotive industry.
We are founded by former automotive senior management and retail industry experts. Panoff Consulting can build on deep industry expertise at the cross-section between automotive retail strategy, processes, and digital technology. Knowing the complex landscape between OEMs, NSCs, and dealers, we aim to bring people together through intensive collaboration and common goals.
Our team is passionate about the automotive retail industry and continuously developing. Are you interested in how you can shape your future in automotive retail? We are looking forward to getting in touch.

About CarQall

CarQall was founded by Hielke Ytsma and Ruben Heerdink, combining their years of automotive industry experience with extensive data and platform knowledge. This unique blend of expertise has led to the creation of the automotive industry’s first digital voice assistant, designed to bring dealers closer to their customers and enhance customer interactions.
The digital voice assistant offered by CarQall efficiently registers every incoming call, accurately directs callers to the appropriate department, and promptly addresses their requests. Acting as a fully scalable employee, the digital voice assistant seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems in any dealership, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
Our vision is to embrace the convenience of customers reaching out via phone while simultaneously providing personalized and goal-oriented assistance. In addition, the data and insights derived from each conversation offer valuable information that strengthens the relationship between customers and dealers. At CarQall, we are committed to enabling dealerships to provide an outstanding customer experience through innovative technology and insightful data, fostering stronger customer-dealer relationships.

Management Summary

Automotive retailers and dealers are under pressure due to the complementary rise of external factors caused by (disruptive) OEMs, customers, and other industry stakeholders. As a result, the manager or director in automotive retail must redefine its 2030 business strategy to remain relevant in the automotive industry. This whitepaper presents the vision for automotive retail in 2030 and guides decision-making. In addition, it outlines a digital roadmap on how retailers can prepare for the future to sustain a profitable and loyal customer base.

The future of customer experience in automotive retail is the focus of this study, which expands upon its predecessor by benchmarking crucial elements of the customer journey. It delves into the pre-buying, buying, delivery processes, and vehicle usage journey. The study identifies pathways to success and highlights key factors necessary to achieve a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer.

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