Who we are

Panoff Consulting is a distinquished Swiss Boutique consultancy, forged through the collaborative efforts of four partners with CxO experience. They have combined their expertise in the areas of Automotive Retail, Service Automation and Transformation Management.

Why work with us

«We believe that transformation in business is all about consciousness and attentiveness. We consider methods, tools, and experience as the foundation, while our approach to interaction, execution focus on operational excellence, and collaboration with you makes the difference.»

– Ralph Panoff, CEO –

What we do

Our journey begins by collaborating with you to define visionary strategies, and we remain committed until successful implementation is achieved. That is what we do in our three core competences: a deep industry focus on Automotive Retail and a passion for Service Automation and Transformation Management practices in various industries.


The automotive landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by electrification, emerging players, and increased connectivity, sparking innovation and altering customer expectations. At our automotive retail practice, we’re dedicated to pioneering innovations that redefine automotive distribution and sales, shaping the mobility of tomorrow.


Service Automation is all about streamlining the entire customer journey, offering end-to-end processes that cut costs while boosting customer satisfaction. It’s the perfect blend of efficiency and delight for companies in the mobility industry, FMCG, banking & insurance and many more.


We understand that successful change in organizations requires a holistic approach based on five essential building blocks: Processes, Structures, Systems, Competencies, and Culture. We drive transformation in your organization across various industries based on profound CxO experience.

How we work

Outside-in approach

Our approach is based on the analysis and transfer of the external environment to your internal organizational requirements.

Agile competence

Our team has extensive experience in agile working environments. We tailor our approach to your requirements and connect with your team members.

Tailored project management

Every project is different. We do not adhere to predefined methods. Our approach is based on your requirements and we take responsibility for this.


Panoff impresses with clear systematics, reliability and the unconditional will to deliver realizable results. The improvements in results achieved speak for themselves.

Automotive Retail

Morten Hannesbo

Group CEO - AMAG 2017-2021

Panoff Consulting has professionalized and accelerated the evaluation process.

Service Automation

Ivica Durdevic

CTO/CMO - Biketec AG

Panoff Consulting identified the right value drivers in the shortest possible time and set the implementation lever in motion.

Transformation Management

Jürgen Thamm

Regional Director - Continental Europe | Compass Group Plc.


  • 2024

    Celebrating 10 Years of Panoff Consulting

    Just a week ago, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary event in Zurich. Our founder, Ralph...

  • 2024

    Navigating Automotive Retail: Insights from our Studies

    In the dynamic field of automotive retail, where innovation and consumer preferences intersect, not only...

  • 2024

    A major milestone achieved: TISAX-results for Panoff Consulting are now available

    We are happy to announce that the Results for our TISAX certification are now available....

  • 2024

    Welcome to the team Michael Schläpfer!

    Michael will professionalize and supervise our Finance & Administration department. We wish Michael a good...

  • 2024

    Auto China 2024

    I am excited to dive into the dynamic world of China's automotive industry, marking my...

  • 2024

    Our Purpose and how we fulfill it

    That is our purpose, our “why” and guidance that we use in our daily work...

  • 2024

    Happy International Women’s Day!

    Today we want to rise awareness to this special day and point out how important...

  • 2024

    Our new website is live!

    We are proud to present our new website, which has not only been updated on...

  • 2024

    Panoff Automotive Retail Team Gears Up for a Dynamic 2024!

    Last week, our team gathered for our annual kick-off meeting, setting the stage for a...

  • 2024

    Automotive sales in 2030 – The outlook for the retail sector

    Berend Hoitink & Heilke Ytsma

  • 2024

    Exploiting the potential of digital processes in the Automotive retail

    In today's technology-driven world, innovative, digital solutions play a crucial role in increasing competitiveness and...

  • 2023

    Wishing You a Merry Christmas and Joyous Celebrations!

    We reflect gratefully on a year filled with challenges, shared successes, and invaluable experiences. Panoff...

  • 2023

    Bridging Academia with Industry at Goethe University Frankfurt!

    Last week, our colleagues Kristin H. and Marco Ueberall had the opportunity to visit the...

  • 2023

    Case – Renault Dealer Performance Analysis

    Renault Suisse SA, based in Urdorf (Zurich), is the general importer of the Renault, Dacia...

  • 2023

    Our colleagues Heike Spengler and Berend Hoitink proudly launched the Panoff x SHVK Academy during the second Impulse Day.

    Our colleagues Heike Spengler and Berend Hoitink proudly launched the Panoff x SHVK Academy during...

  • 2023

    “Spotlight Autohaus 2024”

    Take a look at: https://lnkd.in/e2jHCh8V

  • 2023

    Save the Date: “Spotlight Autohaus 2024”

    Relevante Themen aus der Automobilbranche: Eine einzigartige Kombination aus Fachinputs und direkter anschliessender Anwendung in...

  • 2023

    Our automotive team embarked on a transformative offsite workshop in the heart of the Harz forest

    Our offsite was a powerful commitment to living out our purpose and values as a...

  • 2023

    Exciting Autumn Event Season at Panoff Consulting!

    Exciting Autumn Event Season at Panoff Consulting!

  • 2023

    Digital strategy in the car dealership

    A recent industry study shows: Sustainable success in automotive retail depends on a clear and...

  • 2023

    Berend Hoitink from Panoff Consulting and Hielke Ytsma from CarQal

    Berend Hoitink and Hielke Ytsma share insights into the digital transformation of the automotive industry....

  • 2023

    Case – Implementation New Operating Model

    Hirslanden AG, based in Zurich, is the leading private hospital group in Switzerland with 17...

  • 2023

    Is the Agency Model the Future of Automotive Retail?

    Panoff Consulting explored the agency model's impact on the automotive industry by gathering insights from...

  • 2023

    Welcome to our team Nathalie Krug!

    Nathalie joined Panoff Consulting GmbH last week and we are happy to enlarge our automotive...

  • 2023

    What is the future of my dealership?

    OEMs are developing new agency sales structures and processes that massively impact dealers' operations and...

  • 2023

    We are excited to announce our collaboration with CarQall – AI Voice Assistant

    Are you a CIO or managing digital transformation in automotive retail? "Automotive Retail in 2030"...

  • 2023

    Change management under the most challenging conditions

    "We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts....

  • 2023

    How to make use of AI in automotive retail?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a dream of the future; it is already a...

  • 2023

    Chinese car manufacturers are actively entering the European car market CN

    Formerly their product quality was critical, nowadays it is at least equal to European manufacturers....

  • 2023

    Case – Web2Retail

    The customer experience is no longer a 12-step sales process. We are moving, and manufacturers...

  • 2023

    Welcome Heike!

    Heike Spengler joins our automotive team to increase our presence in the Swiss & German...

  • 2023

    Automotive retail in 2030: The perspective for retailers

    The environment of the automotive retailer is changing due to changing customer demand, new market...

  • 2023

    Welcome Marco!

    Marco recently graduated in Automotive and Mobility Business at Nürtingen-Geislingen University (HfWU) and joined Panoff...

  • 2023

    Case – Bike Tec End-to-End Customer Processes

    Biketec GmbH develops and distributes innovative software and hardware for e-bikes. With its FIT E-Bike...

  • 2023

    What is the impact of mobility on the environment?

    Personal mobility is one of the greatest goods of humanity, but it also comes with...

  • 2022

    Strengthening brand loyalty through an excellent customer journey

    Current world events have been causing supply problems in various sectors for a number of...

  • 2022

    Customer event: ARS Summer Nights

    Last Monday, the first edition of our Automotive Retail Summer Night took place on the...

  • 2022

    Car dealerships are not losing importance

    Panoff Consulting recently presented its latest study "The Future of Customer Experience". We looked at...

  • 2022

    Customer event 2022

    This year, we were particularly pleased to finally be able to meet with you in...

  • 2022

    E-Volution – «Let’s take a look, then we’ll see»

    Hardly any other industry has been overrun by so many changes at the same time...

  • 2021

    Panoff Consulting wishes you a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2022

    This year has also flown by at breakneck speed. Many busy days and effective weeks,...

  • 2021

    Study: Half of the digitization potential is still undiscovered

    Whether you're a car enthusiast or someone who sees their car as a commodity, whether...

  • 2021

    (De-)centralization in the Automotive Retail

    The (de)centralization of markets has always been an important topic in politics and business. In...

  • 2021

    Summer Report Panoff Consulting

    Last week, we met up for our annual summer event. We used this opportunity to...

  • 2021

    Dead end automotive retail – How sustainable is the automotive retail business?

    In 2011, I sold my 5th generation car dealership: a painful process that was associated...

  • 2021

    MaaS in a practical test – Can car sharing prevail over traditional car ownership?

    MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) has become increasingly popular in recent years. MaaS vehicles are clearly visible on...

  • 2021

    Technological turnaround and more efficient sales structures – established OEMs must be flexible

    Since the mid-2000s, Chinese OEMs have repeatedly made efforts to gain a foothold in the...

  • 2021

    The new mobility: sharing and subscriptions instead of purchasing and ownership

    To illustrate the complexity graphically, we have taken five exemplary mobility solutions and plotted them...

  • 2020

    Development of further competencies in the area of service automation

    Jim Devos has been supporting the Service Automation division since December 1.

  • 2020

    Effects of electrification in the car trade

    What effects can be derived from the conversion of vehicles from combustion engines to electric...

  • 2020

    Online and offline integration are key to a holistic customer journey

    Once the decision has been made to buy a new car, the only option is...

  • 2020

    Automotive Retail: focus on medium-sized commercial customers

    Almost every one of our digitalization projects for the Automotive Retail over the last 25...

  • 2020

    Reinforcement at Automotive Retail Services

    In 2020, we have already welcomed two new employees to support our ARS division.

  • 2020

    Case – Vigier 7 Step IT Audit

    Viger was looking for a partner to conduct an external assessment of the performance of...

  • 2019

    Customer event 2019: The impact of current technological trends on entrepreneurial action and decision-making

    At last year's customer event, we heard from our guest speaker in an impressive and...

  • 2019

    Ways out of the crisis

    The corona crisis has significantly increased the pressure on earnings in some companies: revenue is...

  • 2018

    Customer event 2018: Digital helps – analog decides

    In a world where everyone is talking about digitalization, this year's guest speaker takes up...

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