Digitalization in Automotive Retail

Omni-Channel Integration in the Customer Journey

Observing and Exploring of Car Dealers in Germany

Our first study delves into the customer experience across online and offline platforms within 5 major OEMs. Conducted through 30+ dealer visits and observation frameworks, the study reveals that due to fragmented solutions, the customer journey often lacks consistency and faces frequent interruptions. Panoff Consulting’s findings indicate that a mere 52% of the available digitalization potential has been effectively utilized. Dive deeper into the details by continuing to read our study “Digitalization in Automotive Retail’

Status-Quo and Objectives

This study is an analysis of the status-quo and the basis for further recommendations for OEMs



Online – Online Sales Options

OEMs are experiencing with online sales and offer fully integrated online sales journey on a small scale

The first research questions analyses the extend of whether it is possible to accomplish buying a vehicle online and to what extent it is possible. The following variations of acquiring a vehicle have been identified and analyzed: