Case – Bike Tec End-to-End Customer Processes

Biketec ​

Biketec GmbH develops and distributes innovative software and hardware for e-bikes. With its FIT E-Bike System Integration technology, Biketec GmbH combines electronic components from various well-known manufacturers into a “best-in-class” system and offers intelligent and flexible solutions for e-bike manufacturers, specialist dealers and end customers. Biketec is the only system provider to integrate motors from different manufacturers into one system. The highly qualified employees have many years of experience in software development and system integration of e-bike components and stand for Swiss precision. Biketec GmbH offers e-bike dealers a comprehensive all-round service. Technically sophisticated tools and products guarantee a high level of reliability. The continuous training of service staff at specialist dealers is of great importance. The advantages for e-bike riders lie in the unique riding experience that FIT technology creates for e-bike users. With new design ideas, a networked app and additional functions, the FIT developers are making e-bike riding safer and more comfortable.

Biketec GmbH is a spin-off of the Swiss e-bike pioneer FLYER AG, headquartered in Huttwil, Switzerland. The subsidiary Biketec Europe GmbH, based in Elsenfeld, Germany, is responsible for all business activities in the EU.

Scalable service and support organization:

When Biketec was founded in 2020, its goal was to build a scalable and effective customer service organization within three months. The aim was to set up a centralized customer service for over 3,500 European dealers, offering a high-quality service in multiple languages. The task was challenging, as more than 180,000 bicycles and associated spare parts had to be managed efficiently. In addition, the multi-layered customer inquiries such as sales, warranty, advance shipping and returns management were maintained in different systems, which was a major challenge for the customer service staff due to the high level of complexity and was also very inefficient and error-prone.
Biketec and Panoff held various workshops to develop the target image for a scaling service and support organization. This involved analyzing the dealers’ customer journey, the touchpoints used and the interaction between the sales, services, scheduling and after-sales departments involved. The systems and processes were then put to the test and evaluated in terms of their scalability. In a further step, a solution was sought that would combine the existing systems into a consistent workflow and impress with its ease of use.
The introduction of ServiceNow Customer Service Management enabled the end-to-end processes (order entry, dispatch, returns and credit notes) and cross-departmental processes to be mapped in a single workflow. The existing data silos were broken up and the existing systems were largely integrated.

Efficiency gains were achieved through the following measures, among others:

These measures have eliminated around 70% of status requests for current orders and reduced support requests by around 40%, which has taken a huge burden off employees. Service quality was also improved, as the error rate and processing time for inquiries were substantially reduced. Another positive aspect was the significant cost savings, as the increasing number of tickets could be handled with fewer staff. The feedback from retailers was also consistently positive, as they now have 24/7 access to the information they require and communication in the event of queries via chat is much more efficient.
If you would also like to optimize your customer experience, we would be happy to support you. Visit our website or contact us directly.

Ivica Durdevic

CTO/CMO – Biketec AG

“Panoff Consulting has professionalized and accelerated the evaluation process.”

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